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OPTION 3: 'Stories by post'
This service is also available without a consultation by sending your photographs to Lorraine by registered post. Choose the 60 photographs that best tell your story. Do not send any photographs that you would not be happy to have included in your album.

Please remember to clearly label all photographs.
  • Do not write on the actual photograph - use "sticky bits" and attach these to the back of the photograph.
  • All photographs must be dated as accurately as possible. If you are unsure of the date write the word 'circa' and the date you would estimate e.g. circa 1921.
  • Use the person's full name and indicate if you wish for their 'known' name to be used in the album. In this instance the first photograph will show their full name but also refer to their 'known' name. The 'known' name will then be used in all following photographs.
    e.g. 1st photograph = Jack Maurice Spark (known as John)
    2nd photograph = John Spark
  • Check for correct spelling.
Remove all frames from photographs. Pack the photographs securely in a box to ensure that they will not be bent or damaged in the post.
Enclose a copy of your family tree (only relevant to the story) or a brief outline of the story you want to tell.
Be sure to enclose your personal details including name, home phone, e-mail and postal address.

Please post your photographs to:
Azure Silk Albums
PO Box 165

Cost $480 (including postage and GST)
Deposit of $100 is required at the time photographs are posted to Lorraine.
Balance of $380 once you are notified that your package is completed.
Pay by cheque or direct debit on line