OPTION 1: 'Package' - boxed, filled album + CD
Together we can (2 hour consultation):
  • Choose 45 from the 60 photographs that you have selected that best tell your story.
    (These photographs will be scanned and returned).
  • Discuss any retouching or repairs that need to be made to each photograph.
  • Plan the layout of the album.
  • Record any labelling that you would like to accompany each photograph.
  • Choose your album (there are four to choose from)
Your boxed album and CD will be completed and delivered within three weeks of the consultation date.

After retouching and making repairs to the digital images created from your originals,
new prints will be made at a professional photographic studio,
to ensure the longest possible lifetime quality of your album.

Cost : Total cost of package $450 (including GST)
Additional cost may be incurred for photographs requiring full restoration.
A deposit of $100 is required at the time of the consultation.
The balance of $350 is to be paid when the finished album and CD are delivered.

OPTION 2: 'Album only'
$88 plus postage (including GST).
Postage - $10 WA, $15 interstate.
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OPTION 3: 'Stories by post'
This service is also available without a consultation by sending your photographs by registered post.
Cost $480 (including postage and GST)
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